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FightLab Documentary – Are you brave enough?

Posted on May 17 2019

FightLab Documentary – Are you brave enough?

“Make a choice to take a chance to change your life.” - Yasmin Nazary, Muay Thai fighter

How far would you go to chase your dream? Would you pack up your entire life to move to the other side of the globe and give up everything you know?

In 2017, Yasmin Nazary decided to chase her dream of becoming a top-ranked professional Muay Thai fighter. The Scotland-born fighter gave up the life she had created for herself in the United Kingdom as she sought something new, different, and off the beaten path of expectations.

A trained Muay Thai fighter, Nazary relocated to Phuket to train full-time and immerse herself in the life of the sport. It was decision that most people wouldn’t make as Nazary sold off the pieces of her life to raise money for the adventure of a lifetime.

Muay Thai isn’t just a sport you do in your spare time. Muay Thai is something you must live to excel at the highest level. It isn’t just a sport you learn. Rather, you live it 24-hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

FightLab, the premier Muay Thai equipment and apparel provider, recently released the first part of a three-part mini-documentary series. The first installment features Nazary as she talks about her plight to becoming one of the top female Muay Thai fighters in the world.

The documentary tells Nazary’s story from her move to Thailand to fighting top-named fighters back in the UK. Her story isn’t about glory, financial reward, or fame, however. Nazary has sacrificed everything to reach the point she has in her career just to be considered one of the world’s elite.

Nazary’s story of leaving her life behind to train with the world’s best Muay Thai fighters is nothing new. Every year, hundreds of men and women leave their homelands and relocate to Thailand. Often times, the only thing these men and women have is a dream. That dream is to become a Muay Thai fighter and to learn from the very best.

Nazary has experienced highs and lows since arriving in Phuket to train, live, and experience the life of a full-time Muay Thai fighter. It has made her stronger and her story may inspire other young women to take the leap and chase their dreams; even if it means giving up everything they own to move to the opposite side of the world

FightLab’s three-part documentary series takes you into the life of fighters trying to carve out a niche in the Muay Thai world. From training at top-class Muay Thai centres to fights in sweat-soak buildings, you will see the depths that men and women go to learn the sport and succeed.