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The Story So Far

Fightlab was born out of the desire, dream, and determination to be the best in combat sports. Like the athletes Fightlab supports and sponsors, it aims to change the world of Muay Thai and mixed martial arts by producing the best equipment available.

Based in Phuket, Thailand, Fightlab designs and manufactures Muay Thai and mix martial arts equipment and apparel. Founded in January 2010 by Owen Barrett, Fightlab has grown into the premier Muay Thai and mixed martial arts manufacturer. Fightlab distributes gear to fighters all over the globe while sponsoring a number of combat sports athletes. 

Barrett had the dream that many of the fighters he meets in Thailand possess. He moved from the United Kingdom to the other side of the world to follow his dream of becoming a top-ranked Muay Thai fighter. Barrett studied and trained the fight game, but discovered a void in high-quality equipment that needed to be filled. The equipment Barrett discovered in Thailand didn’t hold up to the demands of the fighters wearing it. So, he set out to make a change. Yet, the Fightlab evolution was never meant to reach the highs it has. Fightlab was exceeded Barrett’s initial expectations and its products can be seen wherever combat sports events are held.

Fightlab works hand in hand with fighters to design the best products possible. The company receives design ideas and feedback from fighters who trial new equipment and gear. It gives the company the chance to alter its designs to give fighters great products that give them an edge in their fights. Fightlabdesigns equipment that is as unique as each fighter that wears it.

Since the company’s birth, Fightlab has grown into the No. 1 Muay Thai and mixed martial arts equipment provider. The company has gone from creating items and selling locally to fighters to sponsoring Bellator combatants at major events in the UK.

Fightlab not only makes equipment and gear to wear inside the octagon or ring, but its t-shirts, hoodies, and tracksuits have become staple items sold through the company’s website and distributors. Fightlab apparel can be seen at combat sports events around the world by those in and around the fight game. 

In 2016, Fightlab embarked on its first UK tour as sponsored fighter Paul “Semtex” Daley fought at Bellator 158. Fightlabalso participated in the SENI Combat and Strength Expo for the first time that same year. The company’s participation in the SENI Combat and Strength Expo allowed it to go to the next level and reach new customers. 

Fightlab continues to hit new heights. Like a prize fighter, Fightlab continues to work hard to remain the best in the business.